Why A Power Grid Electrician Thinks Ford Set the Bar High with the 2017 Super Duty

The Ford Super Duty has long been a top pick among professionals who need tough trucks to do their jobs right. That's why Ford invited five Super Duty customers to get a behind-the-scenes look at the 2017 model, which is undergoing some big changes.

The Super Duty series is getting an aluminum body, just like the Ford F-150 did back in 2015.

The light-weight military-grade aluminum offers as much durability as the old steel body, but it frees up hundreds of pounds that can be added back on in more performance-critical areas, like the frame, which is now fully boxed and 24 times stiffer.

Josh Morris, a power grid electrician, says, "I think they have raised the bar extremely high with the '17."

He takes the F-450 on a towing test with nearly 30,000 pounds at the Michigan Proving Ground, over an extremely corrugated road.

"Nobody likes a white-knuckle towing experience," Morris says as the truck tackles bump after bump. "See right here? It stays put, it doesn't want to wander over those bumps; it doesn't want to jump off the road. It just stays planted. That gives you a good feeling of confidence."

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