Power comes in many forms. For the 2017 Ford Escape, however, there are three distinct engine options from which to choose. The first, a 2.5L engine with independent variable cam design (iVCT) is a carryover from the previous generation Escape. The other two, however, are both new and both utilize EcoBoost® technology, the first of which being an available 1.5L EcoBoost iVCT and the second of which being an available 2.0L EcoBoost with twin-scroll turbocharger for some serious horsepower.

However you prefer to source your power, the Escape will prove to be an entirely competent ride. For improved traction and peace of mind even should the terrain turn south, Ford's intelligent four-wheel drive does just that: intelligently delivering traction to the wheel that need it most in any given circumstance.

Want to learn more? Check out the brief but informative clip from Ford below. Or visit us here at Johnson Brothers Ford to explore the new Ford model lineup in full.

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