Trouble Parking? FordPass® May Have the Answer

It used to be that all you did with a phone was place calls -- and it was tethered to the wall by a cord, too! Now we bring our phones with us wherever we go, and we do everything on them, from catching digital monsters in an augmented reality game, to ordering pizza (but not in the old-fashioned way -- by texting an emoji!).

It's not all for the worse.

FordPass® now offers a way to reserve and pay for parking ahead of time. "Finding and paying for parking is one of the biggest pain points for drivers," says Elena Ford, Ford Motor Company vice president, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience. According to a recent Harris Poll, the average commuter spends over 10 minutes circling the block, looking for a space. "This new feature is just one of many ways we are delivering better, smarter, more efficient mobility solutions for consumers with FordPass."

The feature will be available in over 160 cities nationwide, and could come in handy for trips into larger urban centers. Find out more about it at Johnson Brothers Ford, and learn about other time-saving technology available in new Ford vehicles.

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