Ford Goes Green With Agave!

Good environmental solutions tackle problems from multiple fronts at once. For instance, Ford strives to make new vehicles with better and better fuel economy, lowering emissions at the tailpipe level. The company has also made strides in teaching individual drivers more efficient habits with the leaves of efficiency dashboard game.

Then there's the manufacturing front. Ford is embracing a different type of leaf to make manufacturing more sustainable -- agave leaves.

Agave is mainly farmed to make tequila, and Jose Cuervo® grows a lot of it! Because only the juice is used, Jose Cuervo® also finds itself with a surplus of agave fibers (the leaves, stems, and whatever else remains after the nectar is pressed out). Rather than let this resource go to waste, Ford is researching ways to turn it into composite plastics that can make manufacturing more eco-friendly.

"There are about 400 pounds of plastic on a typical car," says Debbie Mielewski, senior technical leader of Ford's materials sustainability research. "Our job is to find the right place for a green composite like this to help our impact on the planet. It is work that I'm really proud of, and it could have broad impact across numerous industries."

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