Forward-Thinking Engine Technology: Another Reason to Consider 2017 Ford Fiesta


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You know Ford makes strong, well-crafted, American cars. And it probably hasn't escaped your attention that the Ford, Fiesta line is full of sporty, roomy, attractive vehicles, just right for forward-thinking people, like you. But, did you know that Ford’s Fiesta line has Ford’s signature, EcoBoost technology too?

If it sounds complicated, it isn’t. The boost in EcoBoost comes from a turbocharger, a mechanical device engineered to push more air, and therefore fuel, into the engine’s combustion chamber. The vehicle’s power is upped, without over-stressing the mpg rating of the car. The EcoBoost engine also boasts a gasoline injection process, described as Direct Injection. It utilizes less steps, getting fuel into the car’s engine, resulting in higher fuel-efficiency.

Need your next sedan, or hatchback, to be as forward-thinking as you are? Then, it's time to check out the Ford, Fiesta line, at your dealer!
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