The 2017 Ford C-MAX is Big on Power

Even though the 2017 Ford C-MAX is a compact car, don't think that it isn't one of the most powerful and innovative machines on the road. It has been hailed as best-in-class for its horsepower, which makes for nothing less than a thrilling ride and an excellent driving performance. Even in electric only mode the C-MAX is capable of reaching up to 85 miles per hour. The Regenerative Braking System feature recovers energy lost due to the friction and energy drag of braking and supplies it back to the battery for later use. Talk about top of the line efficiency. The Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (eCVT) delivers incredible power to the wheels upon acceleration. The 2017 Ford C-MAX is definitely great on power and performance. If you'd like to experience what the C-MAX driving experience is like first hand, then feel free to stop by your local Ford dealership and take it for a spin.
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