If you think the words “family car” sounds like your next vehicle can’t have “cool” appeal, then try driving the 2017 Ford Escape. With a great mix of power and dependability, you can have fun off-roading when you are off the clock and safely take the family on a road trip. Although, getting to and from work in the Escape can be your own day-to-day adventure in comfort. You can plan to take any path when you finally clock out of work. With offered all-wheel drive, no road will deter you. You can also be sure that you and your family are safe in almost any type of terrain. There will be no white knuckle driving, just smooth riding in the sleek 2017 Ford Escape. The biggest problem will be trying to concentrate on the daily grind while you mentally pick out which one to buy. So, what are you putting off the best test drive for? Come to Johnson Brothers Ford!

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