The Ford Transit Connect Offers the Latest in Technology and Style

Cruising around in the latest 2017 Ford Transit Connect will surely bring the attention you deserve. This all new storage vehicle is the latest luxury-designed transport wagon. Using high-end materials and the latest technology features, the new 2017 Transit Connect bridges the gap between man and machine.

The interior design features leather covered steering wheel and shift knobs. The luxury-designed seats of the Titanium grade come embedded with heating and cooling technology. The bucket seats are 100% foldable. This new design permits you the ability to carefully store and transport your materials throughout town. With the secured interior and extra space offered by the Transit Connect, you can enjoy hours of commuting safely.

The new features included in the 2017 Ford Transit Connect serve much more than a practical purpose. Now as you cruise through town, you can enjoy pedestrians as they look at one of the top selling transit vehicles available.
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